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Current off the shelf courses:

Domestic violence injunctions

Sexual violence – overview of the law 

Child arrangements and domestic abuse 

Supporting survivors of domestic abuse in child arrangement order applications 

Divorce and financial arrangements after

FGM, forced marriage and the law 

There have been a number of changes to the types of evidence survivors can provide to access family law legal aid since 2013. This course will provide professionals working with survivors of domestic abuse with up to date knowledge of the legal aid rules and practical tips on how to help women access legal aid. The course will cover:

  • What is legal aid?
  • When is family law legal aid available?
  • When will the domestic violence gateway apply?
  • What is accepted as evidence of domestic violence?
  • Practical tips on preparing gateway evidence for survivors


Domestic violence injunctions (1/2 day or 1 day available)

More and more women are finding that they cannot access legal representation and are turning to professionals in the VAWG sector for support through the family courts.  This course aims to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge to support women who are applying for domestic violence injunctions without a lawyer.

We will explain the law and step-by-step procedure relevant to non-molestation orders and occupation orders including drafting witness statements and what happens at court.

We offer a half-day or full day course. The half-day course is an overview course while the full day course includes practical skills in more depth, legal aid eligibility and the interplay between the criminal and family justice systems when seeking protection from domestic abuse.

Sexual violence – overview of the law (1/2 day)

This workshop provides a brief overview of some of the current law and policy issues in relation to sexual violence and the criminal justice system, including:-

  • Sexual offences relating to both adult and child victims, and the differences between them
  • An examination of the legal definition of consent
  • A brief overview of the criminal justice system process and a discussion on ways to address common problems faced by survivors in the criminal justice system


Child arrangements and domestic abuse (1 day)

This course is designed to give professionals supporting survivors of domestic abuse practical knowledge and skills to help them when attending court with survivors. It covers:

  • Accessing legal aid for child arrangements order cases
  • Parental responsibility
  • Available orders the court can make in relation to children
  • How does the court decide whether to make a child arrangements order?
  • What does the law say about domestic abuse and child contact?
  • Practical steps to support women facing child arrangements proceedings without a lawyer


Supporting survivors of domestic abuse in child arrangement order applications (1/2 day)

This course aims to give professionals who are supporting survivors of domestic abuse an overview of how they can provide support at court with a focus on child arrangements order applications when there has been domestic abuse between the parents. It covers:

  • The role of McKenzie Friends
  • An overview of the court process when applications for child arrangements orders are made
  • Preparing for and attending court hearings

Divorce and financial arrangements after separation (1 day)

 This course is aimed at non-legal professionals who are supporting survivors through the family court process. It provides an overview of the law in relation to divorce and financial arrangements after separation including:

  • An overview of the law in relation to divorce
  • The process of divorce including understanding areas of particular stress for survivors of domestic abuse
  • An overview of the law relating to financial arrangements after marriage breakdown
  • The financial rights of cohabiting couples

FGM, forced marriage and the law (1 day)

This course is aimed at professionals working with women at risk of FGM or forced marriage to understand the legal support available to protect women. It includes:

  • The connection between the criminal and family justice systems and the pros and cons of seeking protection from each
  • The elements of the criminal offences of FGM and forced marriage
  • Availability of protective injunctions and how to apply for them
  • The statutory duty to report FGM

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