Rights of Women release briefing on Divorce Law Reform

The judgment in the case of Tini Owens, who was refused a divorce by the Supreme Court last week on the basis that her complaints of being in an unhappy marriage did not reach the standard needed to meet the criteria for ‘unreasonable behaviour’, has sparked a debate on whether current divorce laws are fit for purpose.

Rights of Women’s position on this debate is that divorce laws are in urgent need of reform and we would like to see the introduction of ‘no fact’ divorces (an alternative name for what is better known as ‘no fault’ divorce).

Our position is informed by an evidence-base we have gathered through our own work in relation to this issue which suggests that current laws are failing women and can have a particularly detrimental effect on women who are survivors of domestic abuse and / or women who are on low-incomes. We have produced a briefing on this that explains our position in more detail.

Read our new Divorce Law Reform briefing here 

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