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For information on domestic violence and injunctions see violence against women



Family Court proceedings: where can I get advice and support?

A guide to preparing for court hearings and safety in the Family Court

A film on #SafetyInTheFamilyCourt

How to write a position statement for a Family Court hearing

A guide to fact finding hearings

A guide to writing warning letters

A guide to preparing witness statements for the Family Court 

Sending documents to the court and the other parties

How to appeal family court decisions

Good Practice Briefing – Acting as a McKenzie Friend in the Family Court


Children and the law

Child arrangements and domestic violence: a handbook for women

Children and the law: domestic violence and Practice Direction 12J

Children and the law: parental responsibility

Children and the law: child maintenance

Children and the law: when parents separate

Children and the law: the Family Court process

Children and the law: holidays and relocation

Children and the law: child abduction

Children and the law: a guide to lesbian parenting


Marriage, divorce and finances

A guide to marriage

A guide to divorce

A guide to financial arrangements after marriage breakdown

Forced marriage and the law

Marriage: your rights to your home


Civil Partnership

A guide to entering into a civil partnership

A guide to dissolving civil partnerships

A guide to financial arrangements after civil partnership breakdown


Living together

A guide to living together and the law

Owning property jointly with your partner


Legal aid

A guide to family law legal aid



Alternative Dispute Resolution

A guide to alternatives to the Family Court: mediation, mediation information and assessment meetings, collaborative law and family arbitration





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