About our advice lines

“The Adviser is very easy to speak to and gives expert legal advice in a very clear and helpful way. I would recommend this service to any woman needing legal advice, especially if they are in a distressing situation.”


Our free telephone advice lines have provided many thousands of women with legal advice and information on a wide range of legal issues including domestic violence, child contact, sexual violence and the criminal justice process and immigration and asylum as well as other legal issues arising from relationship breakdown.

They provide a safe space for women to talk about their situation and receive expert legal advice to enable them to make important decisions about their future.

Our unique and vital advice lines currently aim to support about 2000 women each year, many of whom are in crisis.

Advice line


Our legal advisers

Our advice lines are staffed by our team of 4 women Legal Officers and 40 volunteer legal advisers, all of whom are qualified solicitors or barristers with a specialism in our areas of law.

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We aim to make our advice lines accessible to all women.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing you can speak to one of our legal advisers using the Text Relay service please enter a prefix of ‘18001’ and then dial the advice line number [choose from the Family law line for London, Family law line National, the Criminal law number or Immigration and Asylum] in full .

This will enable a Text Relay Assistant (TRA) to join into the call and relay the information for you to us.

You can email text.relay.helpline@bt.com only for advise on how to set up the NGT App and they can assist with text phone issues.

If English is not your first language, we are happy to talk to a friend or support worker who can translate our advice for you. However, due to the nature of our advice if you are not present with them when they make the call we may be limited in the detail of the advice we can give.


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