Why women only?

Providing services for women by women is core to our ethos as a specialist women’s organisation.

Women, particularly those who are affected by male violence, tell us that they value women only services very highly. 87% of women contacting our advice lines agreed that it is important our service is women only.

Women’s Resource Centre’s research Women only services: Making the Case demonstrates the unique and vital role that women-only services play.

The research shows that women-only services create a ‘safe space’, both physically and emotionally and deliver better outcomes for women, which then have even wider societal and economic impacts. Many women said that they would not access support if it was not women-only.

We also know that women are more likely to feel unable to take legal action when they need to because they feel that their situation is “too stressful to sort out” or they are “too scared” to act (Legal Services Research Centre, 2010).

Hear Emma Scott, our Director and other partners in the London Violence against Women and Girls Consortium talk about the need for specialist women only services here


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