Helping women through the law


Every day women contact us because they are unclear or confused about how the law can help them: a woman who has been assaulted by her partner; a woman who has been raped; a woman who has fled her country because of violence; a woman who fears her children will be taken from her; a woman whose immigration status is insecure; a woman who has separated from her husband.

Some of them are scared, confused or angry. Some of them feel unsafe or uncertain about where to turn.

They all want to know their rights.

We believe that all women have the right to accurate and accessible advice and information about the law and their legal rights.

We believe that women need this advice and information to enable them to make safe and informed choices for themselves and their families.

The law is complex and confusing. We want to make sure that, at some of the most difficult times in their lives, women are able to talk to a lawyer who can give them expert and non-judgemental legal advice or get clear and accessible information about the law and their legal rights.

Without this advice and information, women will continue to experience violence, abuse and discrimination and cannot play an equal role in society.

We deliver a range of high quality and accessible services aimed at increasing women’s understanding of the law and their ability to seek justice.

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