For women in London


As members of the London Violence against Women and Girls Consortium we are involved in a range of activities supporting women and girls affected by violence in all 33 London Boroughs.


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Our Ascent activities and services are

Ascent advice line for women in London

We offer free and confidential legal advice to women in London on domestic and sexual violence, relationship breakdown and family and criminal law options.

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Free training and events for professionals

We offer free training to professionals from the voluntary and statutory sectors in London to improve their understanding of the law and legal options of women affected by violence.

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With our Ascent partners we deliver free expert led training courses and other events including borough surgeries.

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We produce a range of publications on the law affecting women and which are available for distribution to individuals and organisations in London.

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Good practice briefings

We publish a range of good practice briefings on equality issues affecting women’s organisations.

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Contact us at:

Rights of Women,
52-54 Featherstone Street,
London, EC1Y 8RT.
Administration: 020 7251 6575