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Rights of Women is looking for a new Director

After 12 years with Rights of Women and 8 years leading the organisation, our Director, Emma Scott, will be leaving her post in June 2016 and we have begun our search for her successor.

Emma says “Having spent the past year reflecting on Rights of Women’s first 40 years, I am incredibly proud of the work we have done collectively as an organisation and with our partners to ensure women’s access to the law and their legal remedies and to address violence against women. However, the time has come for me to move on to new adventures and to hand over the reigns of this amazing organisation to someone else.”

Chair of our Board of Trustees, Annie Hedge, says “The Board and staff team have spent a great deal of time recently thinking about the challenges ahead for women’s access to justice and how as an organisation we need to address them. We are looking for a new Director who shares our commitment to women’s equality and to providing specialist legal advice and support services for women by women and, importantly, who has the drive and determination to take us forward into our next 40 years.”

Find more information about the role and the recruitment process here.

Coercive control offence

The Government announced on Saturday that the new criminal offence of coercive control will take effect from 29th December 2015. This means that it will be a criminal offence for a person to continuously or repeatedly behave in a way which controls a person they are in an intimate relationship with, or a family member or ex-partner that they live with. An offence will have been committed only if the behaviour has had a serious effect on the victim and if the abuser ought to have known that their behaviour would have a serious effect on the victim. If found guilty, the abuser could be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison.

The Government has already released statutory guidance to help professionals identify and appropriately address cases of coercive control.

We will be producingĀ a new legal guide on the offence of coercive control, which will be available on our website in the new year.


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