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Read our latest research on the impact of the legal cuts


Today the High Court will hear our legal challenge of the lawfulness of Government changes to legal aid for domestic violence victims and we publish the latest in our research on the impact of the legal aid cuts on women.

Our report, published today with Women’s Aid Federation England and Welsh Women’s Aid, shows that despite changes to the list of evidence introduced in April 2014, nearly 40% of women affected by violence do not have the required forms of evidence and are faced with a stark choice: pay a solicitor privately often causing them to get into debt; represent themselves and face their perpetrator in court; or do nothing and continue to be at risk of violence.

Nearly 60% of women responding to the survey said that they took no legal action as a direct result of not being eligible for legal aid. The rules deny access to safety and justice to the very women the Government sought to protect from the removal of family law from the scope of legal aid.

Read our report Evidencing domestic violence: reviewing the amended regulations

Help close the protection gap for women seeking asylum


As a signatory to Asylum Aid’s Charter for the Rights of Women Seeking Asylum we want to ask for your help in closing the protection gap for women seeking asylum.

Take action in the new campaign which starts today!

In the past few months new initiatives have come into play for women facing rape and violence at home and abroad. But women seeking asylum are falling through a protection gap.

William Hague and Angelina Jolie signed off an international agreement on how a woman raped during a civil war should be supported. But if that woman comes to the UK to seek protection she isn’t guaranteed the same support. There is a glaring hypocrisy in how we treat women and girls who seek protection in the UK; they continue to be missed out of government policies on violence against women.

We believe that no woman seeking asylum should have to tell her story:

  • in front of her children
  • to a male interviewer or interpreter if she is not comfortable with this
  • to someone who doesn’t understand how trauma affects memory
  • without being given counselling
  • without information about her rights as a woman in the asylum system

We believe that five particular measures in Hague and Jolies’s international agreement are also vitally important for women seeking asylum in the UK.

Let’s tell Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to use her powers to put these measures in place in the asylum system now:

  •  Provide childcare during screening and asylum interview
  •      Guarantee that women can have a female interviewer and interpreter if they choose
  •      Training for interviewers and interpreters on sexual violence, trauma and memory
  •      Counselling and support for trauma for women who have experienced gender-based harm
  •      Information about the asylum process, rights and entitlements specific to women seeking asylum

Take action now to close the Protection Gap for women seeking asylum!

Visit to find out how you can help.


Demonstrate against the legal aid cuts – Friday 12 December


On Friday 12 December the High Court will hear our legal challenge against the domestic violence gateways for family law legal aid.

Join us at a demonstration outside the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand, London WC2A 2LL at 9.30am to help us raise awareness of the impact the legal aid cuts are having on women affected by violence.

Bring banners, whistles, colleagues and friends!

If you can’t be there, follow events on the day on Twitter at the #savelegalaid #ibelieveher. You can take your own jelfie in support of the campaign. Print out this sign and take a selfie or a team photo and upload it to Twitter to join the campaign.

Find out more about the case and our campaign here

Please circulate this through your networks. You can download an invitation here

We look forward to seeing you there and thank you for your support of our campaign on this vital issue for women.


Contact us at:

Rights of Women,
52-54 Featherstone Street,
London, EC1Y 8RT.
Administration: 020 7251 6575