Criminal law

If it was not for the advice given to me by Rights of Women, together with the online resources and information sheets, I would not have been as informed as I am now or in a position to report the violence I experienced to the police. I felt believed and supported which helped me emotionally. Legal back up is so important, thank you.”

We can advise you on:

  • sexual offences including rape and sexual assault
  • domestic violence, harassment and stalking
  • reporting offences to the police and the criminal justice system
  • criminal injuries compensation
For women in England and Wales

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Please note on Tuesday 14th August the service will be running from 11.30am – 1.30pm

We are aware there is a technical fault with the answerphone service on this line today where callers are hearing a message saying ‘The number you have dialled cannot accept this call, please hang up and try again later’. This is simply because the line is engaged as the adviser is on the phone providing advice and not a problem with the line itself. We apologise for this and encourage callers to keep calling the line until it is free.

We can signpost you to other organisations who might also be able to help you.

Find more information on domestic and sexual violence and criminal law here


Important information

We offer free legal advice to women in England and Wales.

We can only advise in English on the law as it applies in England and Wales.

The advice line can be extremely busy. Please keep trying to get through.


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